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S2E3: Tomiwa Igun's Commitment to Delivering Affordable and Sustainable Energy Solutions to African Households

In the most recent episode of Beta Mode, we are joined by Tomiwa Igun, the co-founder and COO of SunFi. Tomiwa shares his captivating journey, beginning with his early years in Nigeria to co-founding a sustainable energy and fintech startup. His teenage experiences of dealing with inconsistent electricity supply in Nigeria propelled him towards a career in electrical engineering. This academic pursuit took him from Howard University to the University of Michigan, culminating in an MBA from Harvard. Tomiwa also recounts his diverse career trajectory, including impactful roles at Chrysler and the Africa Finance Corporation, which ultimately directed him towards addressing Nigeria’s significant energy challenges.

He then takes us through the inception and mission of SunFi. More than just a solar panel installation company, SunFi stands as a fintech platform in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s a dynamic ecosystem architect, orchestrating a network of solar providers, consolidating customer demand, and facilitating necessary financing. This holistic approach ensures that solar projects receive end-to-end support, spanning from procurement to installation and ongoing maintenance.

Tomiwa reflects on the journey of securing SunFi’s seed funding and the company’s strategies for future growth and expansion. He emphasizes the crucial role of strategic planning in the company’s technological advancement and geographical outreach.

Tomiwa’s story is a testament to resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to addressing energy accessibility in Africa. His insights offer a wealth of inspiration to our listeners, underlining the transformative impact of vision and determination in the entrepreneurial world.

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