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Our collaboratory is a platform for social entrepreneurs to experiment, innovate, and develop sustainable business solutions to social problems. The collaboratory provides the necessary resources, mentorship, and support to turn innovative ideas into impactful social enterprises.

Our Value Framework

Design Research

Conducting in-depth research to understand social issues and design user-centric solutions. This involves gathering and analyzing data to identify key challenges and opportunities, ensuring that the solutions developed are grounded in real-world insights.

Business Development and Incubation

Supporting the growth and development of social enterprises through strategic planning and incubation. This includes providing guidance on business models, market strategies, and operational plans to help entrepreneurs build sustainable and scalable ventures.

Experimentation and Rapid Prototyping

Facilitating the creation and testing of prototypes to refine ideas. This approach allows entrepreneurs to quickly iterate on their concepts, learn from feedback, and improve their solutions before full-scale implementation.

Visual Design and Strategic Storytelling

Enhancing the visual and narrative aspects of social enterprises to effectively communicate their impact. This involves creating compelling visuals and crafting stories that resonate with stakeholders, helping to build a strong brand and engage audiences.

Training and Capacity Building

Offering training programs to build the necessary skills and capacities for social entrepreneurs. These programs cover a wide range of topics, from leadership and management to specific technical skills, ensuring that entrepreneurs are well-equipped to tackle their challenges.

Impact Measurement and Evaluation

Implementing robust methods to assess and measure the impact of social enterprises. This includes developing metrics and tools to evaluate performance, understand outcomes, and continuously improve the effectiveness of solutions.

Our Services


Cocreation Sessions

Participate in collaborative sessions with other entrepreneurs and partners to share experiences, exchange ideas, and co-create innovative solutions.

Workshops and Seminars

Attend interactive events designed to develop your entrepreneurial skills and expand your knowledge. Engage with other entrepreneurs in hands-on learning experiences.

Expert Office Hours

Access one-on-one sessions with mentors for specialized advice and support. Engage deeply with experienced professionals to gain valuable insights and solution



Receive personalized guidance from industry experts to navigate your entrepreneurial journey. Empower yourself with tailored advice and support to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Business Development Tools

Utilize templates, toolkits, and frameworks for effective business planning and strategy development. Empower your enterprise with structured guidance and best practices to plan, execute, and grow your business.

Training and Capacity Building

Participate in our training programs to build essential entrepreneurial skills. These programs cover leadership, management, and technical skills needed to drive your social enterprise forward.


Ecosystem Matching

Connect with potential funders, accelerators, and strategic partners to enhance your growth opportunities. Elevate your enterprise by building relationships with key stakeholders who provide the necessary resources and support.

Vendor Services Matching

Access essential services such as legal, financial, marketing, and technical support at a reduced rate. Elevate your operations by partnering with service providers offering discounted rates on critical services.

Strategic Storytelling and Visual Design

Enhance your enterprise’s visual and narrative aspects to effectively communicate your impact. Elevate your brand with compelling visuals and stories that resonate with stakeholders and engage your audience.


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