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Episode 3 - Survive & Collaborate

“The way through this is via collaboration and staying lean” – Yewande


I had the very great pleasure of interviewing Yewande, the founder of Startup Plug on this episode. She is a startup advisor and runs a company that helps founders find the tools to efficiently build companies and simultaneously learn how to run a business.

We discuss why this recession different and why people feel so helpless.

I get the opportunity to hear her speak about how her company is identifying new growth opportunities despite the pandemic.

We learn about the Nigerian investment market, how the industry has been impacted by COVID from the devaluation of the naira to further fragmentation of the market. And how the pandemic will forever change the remote work culture in city hubs in Nigeria.

We also discuss useful ways founders and companies can keep pushing through all of this. A key part of it is to partner up and collaborate with other companies.

And finally she tells us Some of her key tips for staying sane through all of this:

  • limit news intake
  • use time blocking – and prioritize prioritize proritize!
  • going out on regular walks
  • music
  • reading books via audible


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